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If puppies had the ability to show owners their best friends penis, what do you think they'd do?

What's your biggest achievement to date?

If a virus killed everyone on earth except registered reddit users, what would the apocalypse be like?

People who cheat on their spouses and have kids

I was at my neighbors house trying to clean up his computer for him and found a naked video of my 16 year old self

Forgetting the sexual things you've done, what did you forget?

What do you do if you accidentally spill a beer?

How do you feel about the last thing you used up in a life?

There are currently 23,529,077,587,775,000,000,000 compressed into this 78 day period. What are the implications of all of this shit?

What is your new favorite tv series?

Has it ever occurred to you that your self-deprecating humor is

If writing this post was a movie script, what would the title be?

When will the first “red light district” turn purple?

If you could pick between *your* 1st sin and the last thing you cum'd on, which would it be?

Tons of Christians actually went to hell and back, why do some of you still go?

What’s something guys can do to make women feel special?

What's your favorite song from the 80s/90s?

What's something that you'd be happy to do for free, but the price tag is prohibitive?

What’s a stupidest thing Trump has said during your time with him?

(NSFW) What is your best sexual experience to date?

Redditors of reddit who still support Trump. What’s the last straw?

What new jobs/industries can we create in 2020 to help the economy grow?

What's a wonderful thing that you did for someone else that you're terrible at

What are signs of abusive communication between parents and child?

[Serious] Is it better to be late than never?