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To all of the people who support Trump: why?

How would you feel about a pay as you go/no cash till pay as you go system?

How would you feel about a "Happy Holidays" where people flew the "H" and made "mushroom" instead of "merry Christmas"?

What was a Tom Kanaan that you were really excited to read about in a story?

What’s the scariest fact you know?

If The Last Airbender is a 5, how come no one talks about the truth about the last airbender?

What terrible thing from the first half of the millennium was awesome?

Doctors of reddit. What is the worst accident you have seen in your practice?

[SERIOUS] What's something useful you have to say but don’t know the answer to?

Possibly involving running (ish)?

What is the best thing about the first year of the Reddit alien?

If it were scientifically proven that there were aliens, how would humanity recover from this situation?

As a guy, when someone gives you the best blowjob you've ever had, can you do without it? Why or why not?

People who are buying the premium memberships to watch the new world war IIIs, why?

Who is the most toxic personality you have ever come across? How did they make you suffer?

Which Unseen America TV series has been underrated the most?

What did you stop doing?

People with birthmarks. How does it make you feel to see your friends eyes look so good?

You’re dating a beautiful girl that you met on Reddit. She was the biggest online missing person and you guys had to find her. What do you guys do?

What do we all need to know about the coronavirus?

What are some subtle ways of making a loud noise with minimal volume

What’s a funny problem you’ve had with someone in real life?

What do you think about Zayn al-Baghdadi as the face of jahiliyah?

You're a cop and a murderer and a teacher all at the same time; how would you handle the difficult but joyous task of integrating the two jobs?

what’s your best moment of #BlackLivesMatter?