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What is wrong with white people?

People with whotscism, what makes you think others have this disorder as well?

Gamers of reddit, what is the best thing that has ever happened to you?

Cops of Reddit, what’s the funniest story you’ve heard from an arrest?

What does a banana taste like?

Any chance of getting jk what are the required stats for a undergrads first dungeon?

It's April Fool's day 2018. How much fun do you think it will be?

Preferably the version where the anime is.

What was the best way or the only way you have seen someone change their life for the better?

What are some question you are too embarrassed to ask?

Transgender men/women and Non-binary reddit users whats life like for you and how do you manage with those difficulties?

Do you support same-sex marriage ? Why or why not?

What's your favorite gas station snack?

What type of YouTube comment do you most want to see from a person with no face?

What are the reasons why some people are so against sub reddits?

[Serious] Whats with the ‘all lives matter’ banner that so many have been protesting?

What is something positive that Trump has done?

Criminals of Reddit

What's something about your country that most Americans don't know about?

Teachers of reddit, what is the best excuse an undergr8 came up with to get out of class?

What's an easy way to make friends ?

What is the most interesting video on your phone?

What's a story about a family that everyone can relate with?

What is a lesson your parents taught you as a kid that you're glad you picked up?

What are some of the “they’re not gay for a second thought” things you did/said?