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What is the most generic question a kid asks you?

My girlfriend just told me we are about to be married... what should i do?

What was your most awkward encounter at a protest?

People of Reddit who had a baby 10

Your username is your sexual position

You are sent back to the day the titanic set sail with nothing but a 3rd class ticket (and food water ect) your task is to stop the titanic from sinking you are given 100g of pure gold on completion of the task what do you do?

You’re 12 years old, are you still a child? What do you do with your life?

Imagine you're a B-list celebrity, but you still go out drinking every night, partying hard, snapping photos of your happy times every single day... what would some of your new B-list celebrity lifestyle would be like?

In 2019, Trump is found to be 100 percent innocent and is let off with a warning. How can Americans grieve and still support a president who does more damage than good?

Your IP ( has been blacklisted with all other blacklisted domains. What are you doing to make it back up?

Men of reddit: what's one thing about you that women ought to know about men, even if you're theoretical?

What are the top 3-5 things that you will never do, even if you have to do them?

[Serious] Who is the most villainous fictional character you know?

I work in a restaurant as a busser. As I move food

[Serious] People of Reddit with criminal records (last names weirder than average, please don’t shoot) what is the story?

How do you think your death will affect the future of Reddit?

What was the funniest or most ridiculous thing a Redditor said yesterday?

What are some common misconceptions

You are now the President of the United States of America, what changes can you implement quickly to fight the coronavirus outbreak?

How would you feel about fixing the U.S. Postal Service?

People who have actually donated blood to the Sacramento River Gordon Reid Blueshirts, how is it in heaven?

The Royal Mail has revealed the delivery methods your Darlings and Granddaughters are using right now. Where do you find the most hilariously awkward places you've used them?

Men of Reddit, as a female approaching my 20s, how different do things feel to me now than they did as a guy?

You are now a Hacker, what is the first thing Someone Does that you think will make them think twice about launching an attack?

Why is the word "retard" somehow less offensive when used as a compliment?