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What is something you wish people knew about you?

What do you think about cringy kids having multiple user accounts on one account? Is that a viable option?

What are some of the creepiest declassified documents relating to WWII?

If all the world was made of Star Wars gold, what would the gold be worth?

People of Reddit with flat spots under the eyes, what causes this?

If you can't go out and peacefully protest, how will you live your life?

People who dont express their feelings: why?

As a Turk, how do you feel about your neighbors English milk

Dear Alt-Right people of Reddit, what is the best way to tell if you are dating a racist?

What were your favourite moments from high school?

What’s one time you wished someone would just kill you?

[Serious] Transgender people of Reddit, what is something (protocol, friend, society etc.) that Trans people make you cringe every time you think about it?

What is your favourite MOST FUCKING question?

What would an age of reason and equality be like?

Whats the most outrageous first date story you ever heard ?

What was the most boomer thing you ever did?

Stockholm syndrome is happening again, folks. Apparently the third-world countries have developed a taste for cheap alcohol and fast food, and that's exactly what this country is addicted to. How do you feel about this?

Your username is your superpower. How are you?

What's your opinion on the fact that Reddit is run by autistic people?

If you could get into a manga, what would be the plot?

Which minor nuisance can top wearing wet socks?

What was the most outrageous thing anyone has ever done to you?

When did the average person stop caring about a TV show or movie they used to watch every day?

[Serious] which subreddits have the nicest people in the reddit and why?

What are some things that people seem to think are normal but should really be checked out?