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What’s the best mobile game you know of?

Doctors of Reddit, have you ever had a patient who got so mad you literally had to restrain her from attacking you with her purse? What was your reaction to that?

Some guy decided to make a girl's day. What do you think?

What is your opinion on people who don't drink alcohol?

What exactly is a better explanation for why someone took up smoking?

What’s one thing you can do that doesn’t annoy your friends and family the most?

What Is Life?

Men of reddit, what is something important you think a woman doesn’t understand about being a man?

People who insist that the #1 video game is a "classic", what are some "crown jewels" video games that are actually good?

Girls, what is your opinion on the virgins' dilemma?

Which famous person is the worst abuser?

Do you think girls should wear makeup? Why?

Reddit, how does it feel like to have a kek?

What's something you've made up about yourself that was totally wrong but still got you excited to do it again?

Are there any other Redditors who

What is the BEST day to be alive and why?

What do you think about your Reddit Username?

What movie does “it got worse and worse and worse” get wrong?

Who are the most toxic celebrities?

If women could choose the type of underwear they wanted to wear what would be the perfect choice?

Trump supporters of reddit who voted for him in 2016, but aren't voting for him in 2020. What made you change your mind?

What is one way you are more selfishly competitive than the next person?

You are possessed by the devil and you need to find a pen to sign suicide notes. What is one thing you can't do but if you can do one thing it will help you the most?

What's a great video game to have in your bedroom?

What should everyone stop doing?