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People with vaginas, how do you deal with impotence and/or dead sperm?

People of reddit with boomer parents, what did they tell you growing up that most people don't realize is bullshit?

What's the most intriguing (good or bad) paranormal, supernatural, or otherwise unexplainable event you’ve ever experienced?

What's it like to be the oldest person to market themselves on Reddit?

Men of Reddit, what’s the first thing you would do to impress a woman?

If the United States was a dating site, what would be the dumbest match-ups to post?

Female User: How many of you are reading this and becoming nonchalant?

I was at my neighbors house trying to clean up his computer for him and found some nude pictures of my 15 year old brother..

If all movies had like a sales pitch video with a youtube star, what would the sales pitch be?

[Serious] people who voted for Harambe last election, but will vote for Deez Nuts this election. Why?

You are trapped in your room all day long, what do you do?

Parents, what is something your kids need to know about their parents?

Guys who were drawn in manga or anime, what is the most surrealistic experience you've had?

You can give anyone your phone number. When someone rings, write a letter and hang it up, what do you write?

What is the funniest story your parent/teacher/role model has ever told you?

How do people still download rickrolls from the hip hop song and why?

What two music genres do you feel Trump isn't addressing?

You are held at gun point by two guys who want to have sex with you. The guy who is holding the gun to your head says, "I'll just have to shoot you first". What do you do?

What are some subtle ways in a boss battle?

It has been revealed that the Earth is actually a 4.5 billion year old hyperreal time game, based on the Star Wars movie. What are some glitches and problems that could exist in a game that would not be obvious to the player?

What is your opinion on solar energy?

[Serious] why people are racist, homophobic, sexist, etc?

How come some random guy was swarmed by thousands of happy fans when he uploaded a video of him holding a sign that said "I love me"?

Now that the dust has settled and the dust has settled on 9/11, what do you wish had been done differently on that day?

Are there any Incels out there? If not, how do you feel about them?