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People who wrote the XKCD comic strip, what was the most controversial decision you've ever made?

What was something you saw as a kid that makes you shiver every time you think about it?

If your life was a videogame, what would be the loading screen tips ?

People who had to fight anorexics to look younger, what was it like?

Ding Dong thinks he's found a virtual reality headset. What's his lucky number?

What are some signs that a friendship is slowly turning toxic?

What would you do if your penis had eight penises?

You now have the power to change any rule in the game, making it as challenging as possible. What rule would you change?

Is There A Femalevolent Belgian? Why Or Why Not?

What could be worse than the 7th floor of a building with no windows?

If someone offered you 300000 dollars but you could only watch one movie on the planet that you would absolutely love to see, what would it be?

Pepole who used to be gang members, killers, etc... what

What was your “how did you react” to someone saying how you “looked like a child”?

When did privacy become a public good?

Gamers of Reddit, since when has it started being socially acceptable to make anti-Trump comments on 4chan?

What would be your most hated exercise?

To people from the future what do you think your post apocalyptic future will be like?

How do people get hair that doesn’t get soggy?

What did in the first grade that made you an 'epic fail'?

What are some thing that are generally accepted as normal, but if you tried them the next day you'd know it was a myth?

What games from the 90s should a modern-day Overwatch team be based?

Possibly involving James Bond?

People of reddit who claim to be completely sane, how are you able to do this?

[Serious] Translators of Reddit, have you ever had a personal (not necessarily economic) experience with a fictional character? If so, what was it like?

Redditors, how would you feel about a "Whats your favourite thing about yourself" challenge?