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Did you ever experience religious persecution? If so what’s the story?

Since launch day, how has the game changed since its original launch?

What was something that made you feel special once, but it's no longer so?

People with an IQ of 130 or higher. What is your greatest achievement?

What would the first thing

Female readers, how has your viewing experience changed since you started masturbating?

what happened to jesus?

Gay redditors, what is the most cringe thing someone on Reddit has ever said about you?

What were your first thoughts upon realizing your gender was not fixed at birth?

Gamers of Reddit what was your worst laggy moments with players?

How much does a 1/2 second save you?

Which films have the best opening 15 minutes?

When did you first experience religious belief? If you are a Christian, how would you feel about a law requiring people to undergo a Christian belief test before they can own firearms?

[Serious] What is something everyone could do to fight back against bullies?

How do you guys feel about karens?

People of Reddit that were involved with a incest. What was the aftermath?

Who is a character you absolutely loathe?

what do you think about cranky ex?

Why are you so

“You’re about to be murdered, how’s the media “lose control” ?

How do you guys feel about r/atheism being banned?

Redditors who're in relationships with both adults and children, what is the most complicated relationship you’ve been in?

People who have more than one personality. What is yours?

What should everyone take away from The Count Of Monte Cristo?

What are your opinions on the Toronto bridge collapse and the riots that are currently taking place?