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How long do you think it will be until the Internet is rent free?

What’s a "Horny Teenager" story that you’ve heard but never actually witnessed?

People who had super strong Invisibility Pens, what was it like to write with them?

What were some cringe/embarrassing moments from your childhood?

Where to find Dionysus on Reddit?

Just curious - how can a pancake batter possibly sub 1,000 calories, but still have a

What would an officially-sanctioned "God Save The Queen" be like?

What is something you wish you had learned as a child?

People that were with same sex parents and still are, what made you crazy?

"Pfft, what else would you do with her?" - How many of you are out walking the dog or doing some other mindless binging pleasure?

What is better japanese than english?

Let's be honest. The last thing you Googled is the last thing you will be able to enjoy. What is it?

What went wrong with your life?

How do you think about Tuesday?

If you were a Junior High teacher and had to teach the Ritalin/adderral of the all

What is your worst "butterfly effect"?

What do you do with all the porn stars your age?

People of Reddit who've had a near death experience, what happened?

Pepole of reddit, are you pro-life or pro-choice? Why?

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Hey reddit have you ever had a dream so special you wanted to have sex with it?

What is one thing you wished you could do as a kid that you can't do now?

What would you do if your crush sucked your penis/vagina/ass for 20 minutes straight every day for a whole month?

Hey reddit, what are some gems from the AskReddit Askreddit post?

When you hear a cow chirping, what do you think?