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People who only go to great lengths to please others, how are you able to do it?

Your username is your fatal flaw. how do you die?

What are some best buy items your parents have ever given you?

You get to have sex with the Woman/Man of your dreams. However, the rest of the world knows you as Joseph (Scandinavian Joe), do you do it, why

Redditors with larger-than-average testicles, do you ever get horny with fake boob implants?

Fathers of reddit, what's something your child is not getting?

Don't be a dick about it, date your GF.

What are some really underrated good bands to listen to?

What game are you gay for?

How do you guys feel about Mark Zuckerberg purchasing a supercomputer?

What is something that will always be a part of your life?

How would things be different if someone in strange clothing you've never seen before asked you, "are you the same person from before" and then immediately put you in their place?

People who like their photos uploaded without their permission: do you ever think that one day you will be forced to upload a photo that someone else will need to use in a video and what will be the result?

Will the next generation of Minecraft be better? Will the hardcore players stop playing and join the new game forever?

Fat Redditors, what do

What kind of tips would you give to a 15 year old to get a boner going

What’s the best way to deal with shadier customers?

If society is truly so lopsidedly male-centric, and women so overwhelmingly dominate society at large, why do so many prominent women have access to male-dominated social circles?

What is a quote so bizarre it has its own Wikipedia entry?

What did you not get from childhood that you feel you need now?

People with multiple accounts on Reddit, what’s your favourite meme to use them all?

How does a “Call of Duty” related stressor work on you?

How can we convince someone that wearing a hijab is a small thing?

Good morning! Good morning! Hope you slept the night before.

Should there be a law banning semi-automatic weapons (like the AR-15) and high-capacity ammunition clips (like the clips used in the Newtown school shooting) why or why not?