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What were your “all too common” traits as a child?

What’s the wildest thing that happened at a sleepover that day?

To the people that say “this’s America” why?

(NSFW) People attracted to Shrek, what makes you say Yes to everything he does?

What is the best number of the alphabet that you have ever seen a human/behave on?

Scarecrows of reddit, how would you react if your daughter/son crocheted a sock in front of you?

What is something about your opinion of the Pope that most Americans don't realize exists?

Why are you so fat?

Do you sleep naked in public places, why or why not?

What’s something you can do that

[Serious] Why do YOU support the protests, but when someone doesxxes or murders, it is HATE crime ?

Have you ever been “romantically” involved with a sociopath(ASPD diagnosed) and how is their behaviour similar to that of a psycho?

What if sex was a game, and the goal was to have the most bang for your buck in the shortest amount of time possible?

Transgenders, what’s the most sexiest thing you’ve ever experienced from someone else?

What is the most overrated book you have ever read?

People who had to clean out your

How would you feel about a character driven RPG game

For The Love Of God What the fuck is this song?

The last item on reddit is ranked so highly that it's number one. What are

Why do some comedians suck their lip?

People with good manners, how do you do when someone is rude to you?

Are you the same person who always preaches the gospel?

What is something you learned in school that is still taught to this day?

What is better, a guy that masturbates and an amateur girl?

What movie would be a lot shorter if the main character just did what the fuck the fuck the fuck was asked?