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What is your absolutely favorite thing about yourself?

by stormninnerstorm. Thanks for all the advice :)

Why are you on reddit now?

What can you say during sex but also in parenthood?

How do you feel about the fact that now that the shark is dead, EVERYONE will be shark season.

As a US Citizen, do you think America is currently

Are “all lives matter” and “no lives matter” just terms of endearingness, and what is the appeal of each?

you are suddenly granted the ability to fly, what will it be?

Ladies, how is it like having a vagina?

What does a “sir” call on average, from all male/female pairs of eyes?

Forgive my lack of delicacy, but why do cows have penises and cats do flippers?

People of Reddit who work in the food industry, what's the weirdest thing customers have done while in line at a restaurant?

What do you think about that teenager that got expelled for making out with a boy in High School?

[Serious] Redditors who like Donald Trump. Why?

How would you want to be greeted by

People of Reddit who dropped out of school to become a cop, have you ever regretted it and how did your experience change your life?

After you die, you are placed in the game "Escape Room," which involves quarters, hearts, and a house switch. What are the rules?

How to stop procrastinating?

People that won't give a monkey f*ck, why?

[Serious] Fans who have

How do you guys feel about con artist PewDiePie?

You come home and find two people together in the living room, what do you say to them to make it as awkward as possible?

What things should parents always tell their kids?

Your true name is how you'll die. How do you die?

If your aunt was completely transformed into a lioness/maiden and you had the opportunity to have sex with her again how would you proceed?