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Theresa May is the same stupid as the previous Tory PM, but she has the support of her party?

People who lived in 3 story houses ( row, basement and balcony ) what do you consider to be the third story?

People who have held a grudge against their parents for an entire generation, how does it feel to be able to finally beat your parents to it?

What is something that is normal

The perfect morning snack?

[Serious] What are some NSFW stories from your life?

According to some stories, puberty is the time when you start getting hard. When did you start getting hard?

JUBLI: はききいきっとも日本語が降っています?

is there a name given each gender's given name? if so, what is it?

Is there anyone who did not vote for Trump in 2016 and will be voting for him in 2020? If not, why?

Who's that person you know that's been extremely unlucky in their life?

Hey redditors, how many of you are watching the 25th anniversary red carpet gala tonight and why?

What do you think is the most entitled, self-centered, entitled, narcissist, asshole, etc?

Someone once said "You can always come back to me with a new idea if you are not willing to die first". So, what is your new idea?

Has anyone else lost their shit watching a Dave Chapelle routine and why?

[Serious] What was the biggest mistake that you made as a child that you made never regret it?

If your username was your favorite movie, what would be the title of the movie?

People who comment “this’s true” instead of “this’s false” why?

How do people with ocd and schizophrenia ?

So my girlfriend was browsing Reddit one day and saw my santa gift her a new job! My santa got me the best present imaginable! (Insert Cherish Moment here)

What was your greatest wish?

What was the best food ever?

Hey Reddit, what's your favorite haikus?

-Album cover: combine all the song titles into one big

What are the all time greats that aren't actually that great but still deserve a mention?