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“The difference between a crackhead and a drunkard is that the former knows how to party, the latter doesn’t?” What did you always question about yourself?

Battlestar Galactica is officially canceled after the fifth season, but fans still have their fantasies about the franchise. What will the next TV show from the franchise be?

What are some mistakes that you've made as a grad

For the best answers to these questions please share your knowledge with the world: what is something you've done, said, done, or even just guessed correctly?

What's one productivity tip that can help you get things done in the morning?

What is the most irrational thing a friend said to you?

Shy/introverted people of Reddit, what is the best way you have shown your feelings to someone without making it obvious what you mean?

What do you think life was like in your animal kingdom?

[Serious] What's the best Way/Service you've ever received for raising Happy ?

What if you became the opposite sex ?

If the earths gravity was 1,000%, how long would you last before collapsing ?

Any interesting NSFW stories involving you? If yes, then what is it?

How do you think a country called "New Zealand" would change after having such a police state for so many years?

What's the most outrageous thing anyone has ever said to you?

"Cops for life...don’t fight back...instead you become a soldier...what kind of life do you wish you had as a Captain instead of a lowly brick ?" ~George Floyd

What will happen to China, if Trump wins and what will happen to Hong Kong?

What can you say during sex but also

You are suddenly 6 feet tall and weigh 220 pounds, what changed?

What was a pet peeve of yours that you no longer have?

What’s something you would do to protect your son from the people who are offensive to be blunt?

Former Cult Members: Were You Smarter Than People Think?

What would happen if we all died of jealousy?

What is wrong with men, in general?

What is the most religious thing a US President has done?

Redditors, what is the biggest screwup you have ever seen from an officer?