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What is one thing you wish you did differently in the future?

If Donald Trump wins the 2020 election and Republicans take back the House and keep the Senate, what are your thoughts on the current political situation and what would you like the GOP to do to right the ship?

Scientists of Reddit, what's the craziest thing you've seen in your professional career?

A cookbook is getting a movie adaptation, and the story will be based on a true story. What would be the story of the movie adaptation?

Have you ever had a supernatural ability to give me a present just once but really you have to do something special for me?

People of Reddit. as it should be prom season. What were some good prom games you played as a kid/teen/young adult?

What are some benefits of multiple accounts that you think are worth the trade-off?

Alright Reddit, what is the Story of Your Life?

What is the most interesting conversation you've ever had, and why?

Your goal: Change the world. What would you change?

Have you ever puked in a toilet? If

What’s your fave thing that really isn’t supposed to be popular?

What was the dumbest thing anyone has ever said to you?

Former Trump supported who are now his harshest critics?

People with birthmarks, what are you thinking about them and what can you do to be proud?

what do you think of Don Draper?

[Serious] What is your funniest fursuiting story?

Averted a shit storm in my math class today and everyone in the world is like "oh my god that was predictable" what do you do?

What do you think is the most appropriate response to "all lives matter" banner day?

Your stripper name is your favorite candy flavor along with one or more other things. How would your favorite candy flavor be?

If you found out you were a Kevin, what’s the most unlikable backstory you would tell your friends?

What’s something a lot of people think is cute but actually isn't?

Translators of Reddit, what's an obvious translation mistake you made that the main author would recognize instantly?

Who is the most Hilarious Character Death you Know?

Whats a weird thing you'd do for love or sex but just can't bring yourself to do?