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Hey reddit, why do you guys keep asking yourself "why?" questions so often?

People who have poonad, why?

What is more addicting: reading a book or video game?

What's your favorite John Wick moment?

What’s your favourite memory from Donald Trump's presidency so far?

How much older are you than the average person?

Men, what’s your opinion on the fact that 90%

What is something to say as a police officer?

Those who don’t support Trump and are voting for him in November. Explain why?

If someone was going to ‘borrow’ your body for a

[Serious] What's your one great big purchase?

People who make anti-fat comments but don't actually have a problem with your diet, what the fuck is wrong with you?

If the character of Luke Skywalker was a fictional, how would he've defeated the evil Jedi?

Girls of reddit, what is the best penis size you ever had?

Reddit, if you were a nsfw tag, what would be your responsibility?

Transgenders, what’s the best non-sexual way you've found to relax after a stressful day?

Where are all the subreddits?

What is something you’ve read somewhere online that really hit you?

What is your opinion on men getting a trophy for dominating women and playing for them?

Redditors of Reddit, how has your Reddit experience changed your opinion of it?

Guys, what is it

To those who are racist to Arab and South Asian men, why?

[Serious] what's the best idea you've ever had but didn't know how to present?

What is your 'fuck it, I'll move back in a second' moment?

Redditors, what is a small thing that makes your day a lot better?