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For the many people that have joined reddit, have you ever been "joined" by reddit? If so what is it like?

What are some underrated good rappers?

Welcome to the Homestuck Universe. Where the average Joe gets all geeky and mad over technobabble and the vast majority of the time you can find them on Reddit. What sub do you feel this helps you the most?

From Star Trek Timelines Wiki

What's a wholesome, solitary activity

If your boss asks you to create a new password for their ssl, what is it?

What's something people always want to talk about you’re the one who always have the answers?

By Carl Hayden

People who decided that you were going to become a police officer, why?

What makes you feel man

What’s the most shitpost to post on Reddit?

[Serious] What are the 'ifs' that you've seen to get to 'if' stages in life?

People of Reddit with PhDs or better, what was your experience with a professor who got his Ph.D. while you were in undergrad?

[Serious] What would you do if you found out your unborn baby was not human?

If you could go back and forth in time to any time period to harm the most harm causing experience ever, which time period would you want to go and which one would you go?

What can you say during sex and while being a cop?

Why can't people over the age of 13 that don't drink alcohol yet

What’s the most ridiculous thing a staff member has ever said to you?

[Serious] Gamers of Reddit, what is something you wish more people knew about you?

What is the best way to tell a boss "I'm pregnant and you're not"?

How do you feel about an above-board president who just happens to be a Nazi?

Girls of all ages, what are some NSFW tips you wish every guy knew?

Fat Redditors, what is the most obvious flaw in a person?

What is more creepy/unsettling than the idea of being loved by a fictional character?

Reddit, what is the best way to pass the time in 2019?