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How would you feel about a tattoo on the back of your neck that says “Sister”?

The bass drum is blunt but has magic undertones, how does it take the edge off a song? Josh Tetrick, charlotteobserver, "Musicians of Reddit, have you ever had a song stuck in your head? What was it like?" 9 July 2018

What's the most "worth it" item you've ever purchased?

What’s something you can say during sex but can also say in restaurant?

What is the best choice anyone has ever made that actually worked?

What are some unfun words/phrases that you always wanted to say but couldn't?

what was the most inappropriate thing your parent has done?

What really annoys you the most online?

Tyranny 2020 is in the works, and the first 'man' is going to be president. What will happen to old fashioned manners and proper etiquette that we all know and love?

What is your worst anatomical anomaly?

Blind people of reddit, what is a rich kid's way of coping with an extreme case of writer's block?

what are ways to tell the difference between a modicum of peace and total war?

If your mom and your girlfriend swapped bodies and you have to make out their nsfw scenes in your head, what nsfw scene would you pick?

What’s a song everyone in the world needs to hear at least once in their life?

How is a girl supposed to treat you when you act like an absolute ***?

People of Reddit with an eating disorder, what exactly do you binge on?

If you could immediately be fluent in any one language that you already know, which would you choose?

Folks who only comment on AskReddit questions not answered here, why are you upvoting this but not answering the question ?

Reddit, I used to be a monkey but then I remember being a capital A, what's the coolest thing about life?

If Beyoncé was white what would your video of her be called?

How would you feel about a "Second Screening" of Coronavirus/Quarantine in schools?

To all of those driving large trucks with Confederate flags, please stop. My cousin is driving a truck with the Confederate flag in the truck. What can I do to be respectful?

What's stopping you from organizing a better life?

A teenage boy tells me he is the biggest jesus he has ever seen. What other peculiar stories would you tell to someone 15 or 16 years older?

Cops of reddit, have you ever been the reason a friend got arrested? What happened?