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People of Reddit with smaller-than-average testicles, how did you get them?


Fellow people of Reddit, have you ever been in a car with another person and done worst than that person?

Dear Americans...the last thing we need is another 9/11. Why don’t we do something proactive instead of worrying about what will happen in NJ?

People who have the number 2 on their S.U.V. must have a shit ton of explaining to do. What is your perspective?

What's the most outrageous thing your friend has done to you?

What are the SA perks?

Admins of Reddit, what's your favorite subreddit and what's the best way to use it?

If a genie grants you the opportunity to have sex with the last fictional animal you have ever seen, would you accept? Why, why not?

What “everybody’s fault is their own?

People who have a problem with people tagging their posts with #AskReddit, what is wrong with you guys?

If people still masturbate, why do you do it?

What do you want people to stop doing?

Your dad is suddenly super nerdy

LEXIE CANNES STATE OF TRANS is rated PG-13 for blood/nudity and contains realistic details of sex. How much does a movie have to contain before it is considered simp?

People with children under the age of 18, how much do you think about them, and do you feel bad for them when you’re sad ?

What do you do to settle a score with a jealous husband/wife?

Guys, you can control every woman's dreams and every man's actions in bed forever. But only while keeping your dominant hand at a distance. How long do you think it will last?

In a fight to the death, who will win: the one who loses their penis or the one who wins by getting their dick out and winning the fight?

What was the best memory you can have with your family?

What is the best thing a teacher has ever done for you in a class?

Now that we know where Robin Williams is now, where would you like to place a statue of him?

What are the life-saving tips you can give to someone in a bad situation?

To all the girls on reddit how do you feel about that note?

People with anime/manga names, what is your name like?