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What is that one item you have frequently get asked about?

What are some underrated funny movies?

People who write "im" instead of "your," what do you do with all of those words?

People of Reddit, as a dad, what's your worst nightmare/bunch of unspoken rules do you live by that you're proud of?

Redditors who voted Trump in 2016, do you plan on voting for him in 2020?

Your username is your sex position. How'd you do it?

Do you think being anti-blm. is a good thing?

People of Reddit, have you ever had a "HOLY SH!T IT WORKS

In the modern world, what do you find is over-hated?

What would you do if you traveled abroad to see the front lines in the fight against racism?

Whats a good name that will last a lifetime?

What is the most wholesome thing a police officer has done?

Stalin was a horrible dictator, but what is your personal opinion about his physique?

Non drinkers, what are some good first drinks to share?

If a dragon appeared in your house with a can of paint cans, what would you do?

If you could put only one product on earth that everyone would want, what would it be?

The 1960s had a number of hits in the US, and we can add another to the Top Ten:

Teachers of Reddit - what was the most obnoxious "history lesson" you ever got from a kid?

What would you do if you found out someone you knew was a massive douche?

people who wear shorts when it is 0 Degrees out...why?

What is a wholesome, solitary activity that can last all day?

Men of Reddit, what’s a typical day like for a guy with a dick?

As a Buddhist, I find it hard to believe a spiritual leader would be so blatantly deceptive in their teachings.

If you could have one item that doesn’t exist, what would it be?

What character from all of fiction do you find yourself empathizing with?