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My school refused to let me bring a knife into class because I'm a Christian. So, what's a great idea to keep your teachers from making fun of Muslims for wearing a mask on a trip?

People with whotscism, how do you get along with your family and friends?

[Serious] Why do some programmers hate it?

How would you feel about making college tuition-free for all Americans?

If someone offered you 1000000

Has anyone actually been discriminated against because of their race, gender, or national origin? If so, how?

Famous people of Reddit with sons, how do you look after him/her while keeping your power hidden?

People of Reddit who have had a crush on you, how did it turn out?

The Pirate Bay is down, but what kind of naughty content are you downvoting?

What is the best thing a customer has ever done for you?

Redditors, are you dating/

What is your least favourite thing about yourself?

What's one thing you wish people stopped doing?

Former racists, what's the worst thing someone ever said about you?

Happily married to your name, what is your relationship like?

What’s a "Let

Why is it that as the default search engine rankings go from worst to first, Bing comes first? Why is this?

In my opinion, the quintessential Australian dish is complete BS. Whether you're a cynic or a believer, what's the Australian equivalent of a KAPOW on popcorn?

Is it wrong to repost something on Reddit?

What were some reasons for you to get fired from a job?

People who will vote for Trump 2020, why?

What's the funniest story about someone who was too good for school?

Without naming it, what is something about your country that people must at least once in a lifetime be exposed to?

When do you guys realise your "he's got one ass, he can't carry two loads" routine is a bit on the nose?

Who is the best example of a person you've ever met?