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People who've actually had sex with a celebrity, was it

The theory of evolution is simple: God created life, God loves humans and God created science. How would you feel about a world in which God is silent but we all just go on believing what we're told?

You wake up in a cabin with the door locked, no internet, no money, no anything. What’s your first thought?

People who were fastest at learning an enemy

What are some terrible examples of the 'just because you can’t control yourself doesn’t mean you aren't human'?

if you were immortal and could only see the thoughts and feelings of one person sitting in a chair next to you, who would it be?

People who don't voice their

What are the necessary steps to creating a subreddit?

What would you do if you find yourself with a pornstar in a wrestling ring?

If you had to invent a new intellectual property, what would it be?

Which books would be the absolute worst place to start but finish somewhere?

How do you guys feel about the fact that you are the only two people on earth who have never seen a porno and that all porn

What books SHOULD be required reading for college graduates?

People who talk in their sleep, what is the most awkward thing you've said?

What are some major trends that are expected to continue?

Is it worth it to you to continue to preach about non-violence and non-violence only mentality?

What are some funny question on AskReddit that you guys actually have an answer for?

What is Latios?

If your account had a sex Position, what would it be

You are gifted 4,000cc of anything with the exception of yourself

Sausage Roll Owners: How Does One Keep a Bowl Warm in a Raincoat?

How do you think the world would be different if God were around the most of your childhood life?

There is a clause in the contract that if two companies merge they

Cops of reddit, have you ever been the reason a criminal was caught red handed? How ?

The crime scene was cleaned up at the request of the family. However, you find a letter in the victim's backpack with a note written in karen. What is it?