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Does soap smell like a pub?


Nurses of reddit. What was the wierdest detail you've ever seen a patient do that you thought was a bit too far fetched?

What are the pros and cons of coconut butter?

Whats the most bizarre thing that you have put up your ass?

What are some commonly asked questions about Reddit that non-Americans in your country would be really dumbfounded to know?

What was your first encounter with blackface in your life?

Redditors who have a fetish and are proud about it, what does it remind you of?

What is something important everyone should at least know how to do at age 30?

What was the most ridiculous thing someone ever did to your belongings?

People who told your crush that you were a police officer, now what?

People who call yourselves king or queen... why?

What is a wholesome time you've spent with your parents?

What are things that make you angry ?

What are the major signs of low self-esteem?

What movies were good only because of the villain?

Add 'In My ass' to end of a song title. What are some good alternatives?

What's something you own that can be repurposed in a creative way?

How do you guys feel about us saying that you’re the best person for the job?

Redditors with kids, what's the most overrated thing their dad has ever done?

How do you feel about Justin Trudeau standing for president twice?

You are now the curator of all known amounts of racism. How many different types of museums, halls and buildings can

Which Christmas movie is your favourite?

What are the most secret

People who reply to this post, why are you the person you reply to?