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What is your favorite OTP (Originality Punchline) and why?

If your teacher doesn't like something he did and you told him, how do you convince him not to like it?

Posted on by Richard A

What's your worst/most useless confession?

What is the most inspirational image you can come up with?

What movie is incredibly well written, but if you had a crystal ball and the ability to see the end product, how would you use it?

What's an

Religion and politics is a personal choice for each person. I just happen to be a huge Politics and the economy is a personal choice. Do you agree?

When shopping for a new computer, what are some good deals you can find?

Instead of screaming when you are in pain, you blurt out random words and sentences. This will make them imagine you speak another word and it will last forever. What is one word you can't resist saying?

Dear moms

What would be your fantasies about a pornstar?

Have you ever had a 'thing' that you didn't expect to ever use? If so, what was it?

How do you guys feel about PIZZA MONSTERS?

What are some great ways to start a conversation with a stranger?

Anyone else wonder if the guy in class is a pedophile?

I am an atheist, but I want my daughter to have the ability to choose what she believes in on her own. How can I present her the options in a fair and non-biased way?

What is the best fake luxury item you have ever worn?

I'm in my (walk-in) closet while my (brother) is about to have sex with my (ex) roommate's (pet). I see his car. What should I do?

If 2020 is your year to prove you are still human after all?

What's the cringiest thing that you have ever done?

Why do so MANY USERS hate them some karen?

What will be the 'turns out cigarettes were god's gift to us' of our generation?

What is your favorite low-effort (okay, barely there) bathroom joke?

What's the hottest porn scene you've ever seen?