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We're in the process of tearing down the internets, and ridding them of all knowledge of the joys of normality. What's one you think everyone should know?

Men of Reddit, how is it like to ejaculate?

It's the year 2100. You are a genie genius but your only trick is to make as many people mad as possible in the shortest amount of time possible. What would you come up with?

Hey reddit, what's going to happen to the people who don’t leave their house alone?

[Serious] which classic literature made you cry as a child?

Who is the most powerful person in the world, and what is their name?

What is your favorite 'fancy' good in this world?

YUM. I made this for my boyfriend's anniversary dinner and he said it would be perfect if he could taste it. He knows how I feel about food. What other foods do you taste as a couple?

What was the best way/opportunity you've ever found to make money online/easily online with ease?

Which superhero would you have sex with?

What has the "fat acceptance" movement done for you?

Sugar daddies, do you celebrate Father's Day? Why or why not?

Gone are the days when a JK Rowling book was the best thing ever?

Vegans of Reddit, when you're bitten by a rabid animal, how do you feel?

Have you ever been “romantically” involved with a pornstar? If so, what is it like?

What would you ask a 13 year old with no social skills what would you do to get them to like you?

Polar bears are assholes. Fish are vegetables. Which comes first, vegetables or fish?

If you found out your son and daughter were faking their love lives to appear more happy and content, would you be tempted to drop them like the rest of us?

For those who watch streams of reddit, what are your favourite moments so far?

Why do you think people who openly mock Muslims and reject their religions are so secretly terrible people?

You caught a train with

Former Trump haters who will now be voting for him in November, what changed your minds?

In response to Philip K. Dick's day, we'll create a new type of video game. You're the only one who can create the game. What is it?

Stick to one food for Work Day... Why not two?

Weebs of reddit