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People of reddit who work in the food industry, what's the most blatant lie your coworkers have told you ?

You've found a suitecase full of $750k in cash in a bank in Georgia. You can tell that it's been there for at least a year. What do you do with it?

How has reddit helped you?

If you had a moment to talk to god, what would you say?

If writing this post is good enough for Mark Zuckerberg, why wouldn't it also be good enough for you?

What do you think about Trump saying that you are 'the captain of the slave ship'?

What do you think of Glover Don’t-

If the Chicago Cubs decided to retire Lester's quote "The Major Leaguers are faking seats; the real thing is inside," what would the most ridiculous excuse be for the defective product?

What subreddit do you think the most people are trolling now?

What is a good way to be productive with nothing but an internet and a computer?

What would you change in the name of the games to save lives?

Men of reddit, what’s the best way you've shown a woman that you are a man ?

What would the world be like if everybody just worked on making websites and apps instead of actually doing anything?

I was so bullied in highschool that I used to wear makeup to hide my true identity. Now I can show everyone the two fake eyelashes I have!

What's the best video game combination?

If buying DVDs was a game, what are some of the loading screen tips?

What was the most 'oh my god' moment of a meme?

Please consider disabling it for our site, and future users.

To those of you who have experienced an True Detective-like experience, what was it like?

Scaly woman, 24, dies after being trapped in moving car for two days

What do you think about Private Parts?

Ladies, what is the best penis size you've ever had?

How would the world be different if YouTube was only $3?

People who are now in denial, what was your first experience with overwhelming overwhelming evidence

What would be your favorite '90