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What would the women in your life upvote when they find out that you found them attractive?

Girls of reddit who sucked

What’s the first time that you played a video game?

You’re dating a beautiful girl, you have to have sex with her in public, what do you say to each other before it happens?

What is the worst thing to say to a stranger?

What was the most embarrassing/funny thing a doctor did to you while you were in the hospital?

What would an actual date between Joe Public and God be like, and what would the

What moment made you feel like you had accomplished something?

There's a moment where Bane says, "Shoot first and worry later". What's the smartest thing you've done that actually worked?

[Serious] If you could change one

What actor is the most innocent but actually has a dark side?

Some new dating apps are pretty sweet! I'll give them a shot.

Cops of Reddit, what’s the most shocking incident from a

What are some underrated good artists who don’t get enough attention?

Doctors, whats it like to be accused of rape?

Reddit, if you ever get a chance to speak with Musk, just one on one, what would you say?

Have you ever been so high that you felt exalted like you could rightfully defecate onto everyone else beneath you? If so what was your final straw?

What was the dumbest thing someone ever told you?

Jim says that because he's a "cosmic dad," he gets to look at his 8 year old son's ass while he does some internet surfing. What kinds of internet porn do you get to look at while your son is online playing?

Nurses of Reddit, have you ever had sex with a

Does anyone else feel that the huge head on the china the Asian guy is holding is a little too anime? Shouldn´t it be a little more anime like the way that the other guy holds on to the tv in the 4/3/80s is a little too anime like?

People who own and/or are proud of their culture (ancestors, ancestors, etc), what are you proud of and why?

What would be the worst series for a game like fair enough but with

People of Reddit who have actualy lost someone in the house, what’s the story ?

What surprised you about your Reddit experience?