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To the hundreds of thousands of Americans who are set to lose their insurance if they don’t like their new president, what exactly will you lose?

White people of Reddit, what is something white people actually have trouble seeing?

Your stripper name is your favourite candy flavour. How would you react if that same stripper had your username?

People who delete their social media accounts, why?

What was the best thing you ever got away with?

What is one thing you always ask yourself in sex: what is the perfect match?

Ladies of Reddit what is the best penis size you've ever experienced?

Redditors with broken family, what was the breaking point?

What are some good shows from the 80’s and beyond that are still relevant today?

What is the most creative way to hide

What did you do that made them so obvious?

Because we don't like Jeffree Star.

What’s something you can never seem to have enough of?

People who post "if … was the answer, why not?" on AskReddit, why?

Pics of the cookery mix-up gone wrong with Trump's dinner.. what do u think?

If Jesus was alive today how would his followers view him?

What’s something people do because they're bored/sick?

What did you absolutely not do growing up?

What is something that has a high chance of happening, but isn’t yet?

Has an experience with the police ever affected you? If so, what about others?

what’s the point of a toga if you can't express yourself clearly?

What's a “they’re not dead yet” story from your childhood?

What was something your parent said and you were dumbfounded?

People who keep asking random trivia questions on AskReddit, why do you keep coming back?

As a child, what story has you always wanted to tell but never could?