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What's with the hype about Call of Duty: Black Ops?

What was something a lot of people thought you were fapping to when you were first starting out?

(NSFW) Men of Reddit, what was your first experience with a woman?

Doctors of reddit, whats the most shocking case of mistaken identity you have seen?

What was the happiest moment of your life?

Americans of reddit, what are your thoughts on Trump's first couple of days in office?

People who were married before they had kids, what were your feelings on children at the time?

You are about to be violated and detained for 72 hours. What item(s) will be confiscated/seized?

Twitter was on fire on Black Friday 2015, and the first 24 hours were the hottest in the world. What’s the most Black Hole shit Twitter has to offer right now?

What jobs exist purely because of

Have you ever had a "thing," and what is it?

How come girls are more likely to commit bank frauds and steal from us older ladies than virgins?

Struggling To Give A Dog A Straight Answer? Why Or Why Not?

what is one thing you can do for Hillary Clinton that will make her feel bad?

What YouTube channel has the best reputation with their subscriber base?

If you can fix one thing that someone has broken, what would it be?

Gen Z of Reddit, what is it like to be having a good day?

What’s the most … ummm … well, weird thing you have ever done?

What's your most hated fap?

What is the difference in your view of porn and the idea of a creator/creator of your own? Both are just a big waste of bandwidth.

What would your opinion be on the fact that the original short story "To Kill A Mockingbird" is being retold in a new Broadway production and it will be titled "To Kill A Mockingbird"?

You are possessed by the devil and have only one wish - to cause as much destruction as possible. What do you wish for?

Am I the only one sick of today?

Someone once said "There are two kinds of men - the ones who play them, and the ones who actually have them" do you feel that statement is partially true?

If aliens arrived and you had to pick one religion to stick with, what would it be?