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Yo Reddit, what are your thoughts on 'Girls'?

If you had the ability to choose any animal that you want to eat, what would it be and why?

How would you feel about a law requiring people over the age of 55 to pass a criminal background check ?

Will Ferrell Jr takes on the role of Dwayne Johnson in 'The Rock' sequel. Who else would be a convenient replacement?

What are your thoughts on Mesmerized, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

What are some things that you feel need to be said, but don’t know how to say?

What’s something about yourself that’s totally out of left field?

Who was the best teacher of all time?

Folks who used to support Bernie Sanders and now back him, what made you change your mind?

Do you think your political party is the one that represents you best?

What's the best thing you ever did for someone?

Ya know when there’s this cute guy at work but he’s an absolute douche?


Redditors with autistic siblings, what is it like for

[Serious] People who have actually been kidnapped/humiliated in some way, what is the story?

What are your favourite moments from the Minecraft world?

The birth of a baby is the ultimate in happy ending. What would it be?

People who had more than one lover, which one was your favorite?

What's the most ridiculous thing a Redditor has said along the lines of "But t-shirt… why?"

What else can be said with certainty?

What are some good examples of privilege in your life?

How would your life be different if Donald Trump was your president?

If you were given the opportunity to go back and change one

Which is the best way to waste money?

Some brave souls, go into a video game and kill a real human being (beating, no blood, etc...)?