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Do you think a day will come when everyone will be equal and everyone will be able to experience the joys of life? If so what will it be?

What do you think about People who are self-disciplined, rarely fail a class and rarely make dumb mistakes? Do you think this is an asset or a liability?

What type of voice do you have that terrifies you?

The cookies are officially "not real". What are your thoughts on this?

Redditors with kids in: what would they think of your situation?

Have you ever been in a "thing" so much that you wanted to destroy it? If so, what was it?

Is comedy dead?

[Serious] People who identified as the opposite sex from birth (non-binary, multiracial, etc), do you still identify as the opposite sex and what was it like growing up?

What is the dumbest thing your friend or any person

Redditors with children, what is the

Do you prefer tall, muscular, or short guys? Why?

I was in a crappy relationship for a few months and all I want is a guy to stop making stupid moves on me without making me feel like shit.

There are currently about 6,000,000,000 people on earth. If you were to pick a random person (believe it or not) to hate, who would it be?

What's the worst thing you've accidentally sent to someone while they were on a filming shoot?

What was a minor scuff-up that you witnessed and made you think twice about your life choices?

Redditors with autistic spectrum disorders, whats life like for you?

Which animal would you put on display and why?

What is the best place to find free beer ?

What unique things have you jacked up with your brother?

What's the best compliment you can give someone?

People of reddit... what is one thing your friends do that bothers you way more than what you do on your own?

It's the year 2050 and the term "incels" is trending. What are the relevant issues of the future?

Men, what’s the biggest sign of getting better?

My buddy's girlfriend is having a hard time getting a boner, what can I do to help?

What do you think about when you look at the sky? Is it sad that the earth is so close to being destroyed?