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Gym goers of Reddit, what was it like to have a boner during the sex?

What’s the most cringe thing you have ever seen?

What are some weird hobbies that you now have?

I'm a new mom, and while it's true

We all know about “all lives matter” but what’s the real story of how you lost your virginity?

What is the "stop this now" button you have?

How do you feel about Shrek?

Non American what have you been surprised to learn about your country?

If your life was a videogame, what would one level are you?

Should we institute mandatory drug testing in public office workers to weed out Bush R-$?

What should all Americans do now that their president is a tyrant?

Maybe you're a racist. Maybe you're a homophobe. Maybe you're just a total douche. And what do you do?

You only get one life. What will you do?

This is an exhaustive list of every fucking Pokémon ever. It's a bit long-winded, so I'm putting it up as a post.

if a clone of you could go back in time 10,000 years ago and somehow reproduce every inch of what this post is from today, would you do it and why?

If life was a video game, what would some

Redditors with kids under the age of 18, how old are you and what age group do you think they should start thinking about joining the reddit?

What is u g k in a kevlar?

[Serious] What was a minor scuff or slight that made someone feel uncomfortable?

As promised, here it is: the last message from GamerGate.

What advice would you give to a 14 year old boy who has always wanted to be a ninja?

People who recently moved out, what’s the biggest change you are noticing in your area?

Am I the only one sick of today's culture of having sex with the help of a virtual assistant?

Ex-anti-racists, what made you come back?

What to do to Get Back to Sleepy?