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What's something you're excited to share with your family?

Which movie has the best scene where Karen ( Karen) meets her match?

which song does the police just plain hate?

Somehow, someway, someway... (insert rhymed curse word here)

What’s your view on greta thunberg’s post about feeling like a *rockstar* after leaving home?

Redditors who were lovers of anime/manga, what is it like to have that taste again?

Who is the most villainous fictional character you can relate with?

How are you doing today?

[Serious] Why do people hate private school?

Furries of

Is it still okay to enjoy eating fish? Why or why not?

Why is it that everyone seems to hate on Trump but I seem to attract the opposite sex?

What is the most nihilistic thing you could say during a powerless dead time state of mind?

What is most embarrassing thing you did as a child?

(NSFW) What is the most amazing thing an industry member has done for you?

You work at a game developing company wich is working at a new game. They want to know what your idea is. What’s something you can say that can be used in the office?

Girls of Reddit what does a guy do to make a girl feel special?

If a person ingests marijuana and then farts, would they be considered hippies?

What's the funniest TV scene?

Girls of Reddit, what’s the best way you’ve ever shown a guy that you are a feminist?

What was something Jesus did that you believe is normal today but that God couldn't possibly know (not even if He were still alive)?

Is it still okay to enjoy Netflix with no subtitles? Why or why not?

Is atheism a religion? If so which would be the religion of your choice?

What is the best analogy you've seen for a society where everyone knows everyone else's secret identity?

What video game has the best looking art direction?