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What mundane task would be a lot easier if you had one command: "make me your number one priority!"

What would you do if war broke out and you could use your help?

After every event, what are you going to do?

What would you do if all your karma bugged out and now your just a 1%er?

How much cocaine does it take to make a dog shit?

What are your thoughts on the sky turning into a red giant?

Redditors, what's something you're proudest of from your childhood?

What’s something that you can’t say, but you can say just by thinking about it?

What is the best line in the song "Rocky Horror Picture Show" that you've ever heard?

What if 2020 was actually the year 2010?

Who is the most toxic personality you have ever encountered? What was that experience like?

The bat phone has been turned into a batmobile, what features are it rumoured to have?

You're dating a celebrity. You just met him at his house drinking a Diet Coke. He likes it hot. What do you say to each other?

What is the fastest way you've seen someone make a huge difference?

We are going to war with crocs. What are you wearing?

The way these things are going, I think I'll end up with a guy.

You have 1 hour to hide a pair of socks from the world's scariest sock freak. What is your plan?

Trump's dumb comments about women are making him a legend, what’s his next move?

What is something you could say during sex but can also say at family dinner?

What do you guys think are the next steps after sexual assault/murder?

People with large plugs in your ears, what the fuck are you thinking? do you just decide that this is the last straw and quit your job?

Trump voters why do you still support him?

What is the most cutting-edge technology of the future that actually works?

Men of Reddit, how does it feel like when your penis gets caught in a bra?

How would you feel about Making voting for Trump a state secret?