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Who is your favorite (and least favorite) scientist?

People of Reddit with large plugs in your ears, why do you do this? Do you feel like you're being listened to?

When did it become acceptable to post/comment with grammatical

Dear AskReddit, can we please stop with the porn posts?

What’s something you could say during sex but couldn’t say at a family dinner?

What is the best analogy for a mature, responsible adult?

What if God were to show up at your house and take you hostage?

What are some question you've been wanting to ask someone your whole life?

Doctors of Reddit, have you ever been clinically depressed yourself? If so what was the story?

How do you feel about people carving 'POC' (People of Color) heads into Christmas trees?

While it's been nice to have someone else's back, that person has to watch your back all the time. You can only watch one thing, the game. Which is what you do with the extra time?

But why do you hate big titty girls?

What’s the best way you’ve seen a toddler learn to distinguish between 'oh I thought that

Redditors who aren't into porn do you ever think that you might be missing out on a porn movie? Why do you keep going back to porn to see

Why do so many redditors hate me for daring to disagree with them?

Why do some people defend Donald Trump with so much seriousness, while almost everyone else does the exact opposite?

Who is someone you feel bad for but also like is a hero?

What's the best way to deal with a phobia?

(NSFW) What's the best thing a blowjob has done for your sex life?

People of Reddit who worked in manufacturing, what was the biggest shift in your job that made everyone else around you better?

People who enjoyed anal on TV, how anal was it then and what's it like now?

When did you realize your friendship was a threesome?

Trump/Bannon trial recap

How do you manage to get enough sleep?

What foods did you love as a child but no longer do?