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Diet/Sleep potions that help with mood?

What do you think the cliche about tall people is?

What is something about your job that is easy to understand but also very satisfying?

How do you get your girlfriend/boyfriend to stop fingering your ass while you sleep?

What do you consider your "k

What’s your five favourite 3.6-series laws?

Employers and teachers, what's the most annoying/unpleasant

[Serious] Women of Reddit, what “creepy man” story would you tell if you were the opposite sex?

How much safer are you than the average person thinks, assuming you never had sexual relations with anyone and that you never had any sex at all?

Are you in any

People who voted for Harambe last election, but are voting for Deez Nuts this election. What's your reasoning?

Dear Christians: why are you so obsessed with making others believe in God?

What was the cringiest thing you saw in the first few hours of existence?

Dear reddit, How do you make the world a better place?

What’s the coolest thing about your gender?

What is something small you

People who own and/or are proud of the Confederate flag, explain why?

Men of Reddit, what did you ever stop thinking about, and why haven't you acted on it?

What’s a good name that when you google is no longer relevant?

How would you feel about a ban on "how would you feel about banning 'how would

People with accounts on 4chan, has the image board moved on to its current form of internet meme ridicule?

Those who play Roblox, why?

If you could pick one genre to live your life by, what would it be?

What is one quality in yourself that makes you feel good about yourself?

People who criticize Disney movies for not being cartoon like enough, why?