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Without stating the name, what is a quote that best describes your country?

People who’ve had a best friend get killed, how did you guys bond after that?

Non-Americans, what has been the most interesting case of racism you have been involved with?

Which fictional character did you grow up with and why?

What songs do you think have a happy ending?

People who download mails without checking the subject, why?

What is your go to icebreaker/conversation starter/bridge?

If the term "Karen" refers to a deceased person, who is it supposed to refer to?

You’re dating a cute guy who is the same age as you’re dual-doming but he has autism. What do you do?

People of Reddit with wives who make ridiculous excuses for not being home for their husbands important *work* as "birthdays", why do you continue to do this

What is the single greatest laid back/funny joke you ever heard?

People who say r

If you were to pick a fictional character who do you think would have a good match with a fictional villain?

What's a simple but extremely effective prank that you’ve pulled off?

[SERIOUS] Has a crush on you ever existed, and what was it like before you realized it was a crush?

What would the puppies be

Any men under the age of 30 that still don't get it that women can also play as a man, and what exactly are they expecting from a man as a virgin?

Would you ever give Christianity a chance? How would you feel about an explicitly political religion ?

Reddit, what is your opinion on the Boy Who Lived?

Protestors of Reddit, why are you so adamant about your right to bear arms?

What's your opinion on police brutality?

I switched from gas powered to electric and it's like switching worlds. My husband is even happier I do. What things do you think are important in your opinion?

What is the most outrageous lying boast a TV show or movie has ever made?

To the founders of successful subreddits, what tips would you offer to other redditors?

If 2020 is the year the dinosaurs were wiped from existence what will be the last movie that's cool in?