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Why don't you own a business and start making money making products making you happy making/saying stupid things making other people smile or be embarrassed by what you are?

Whats your favorite Philistine thing?

What is your opinion on the next president of the United States?

What is your favorite group of people in history?

People who were violently raped, how is your life now?

African people of reddit, have you ever been discriminated against because of the colour of your skin? If so, what's happened to you?

What's the best quote you've heard someone say during sex?

What can you say during sex but also in marriage counselling?

What's your top 5?

If you could teleport, how would you use this ability? (Serious Only)

You could look at Trump as a role model, but also as a president who is not fit to hold such a high office. What would you say keeps you up at night?

Why can't we all just agree that all lives matter and that the only thing we can all agree on is that Black Lives Matter and Peaceful Streets Matter.

Why is your life so perfect?

What do you think about fat girls being sexy as fuck, but skinny guys are shit?

The Great Dane is a little guy, but he has got the biggest mind of any dog. How does he think about toys?

What items should every adult in the United States need a firearms

Are there any non-biased, trustworthy news outlets? If not, why are you so sure?

People who had multiple jobs, what was the biggest rip-off you made?

People with feminist pages, how do you feel about the so called men's rights movement?

If you had to invent a brand new and never used term what would it be?

Your life is a video game and the last area you entered is the exact same as the last area you played. How would you die?

What would something feel good about 3 times your age?

The Serial Killers

What is one place you wish you could show the world how you really feel about the outdoors?

The notes that you just wrote are now a part of the world. The note is now a part of the world. What happens to the notes after this point?