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How did you or someone you know "hit rock bottom" and what happened?

What is the best lawyer in your opinion has ever argued?

What exactly do you consider 'American' or 'Western'?

Non Americans, how have your views on this issue changed since 9/11?

What have you most wanted to say but just can't bring yourself to say?

People who accidentally posted a karen’s message, what’s your story?

Have you ever been in a “trad” situation? If so, what happened?

What is something that is difficult to make up to someone, no matter how small?

What would be different about the 2020 rover design?

What’s a strange thing that you’ve only just begun to notice?

Deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein is asked about Trump's wiretapping claim, to which he responds, "What can you say in Spanish but also during sex?"

People who had no sexual education at all and had never experienced sex, do you have any advice on the type of person who would be best suited to have it?

What do you consider a strong female character?

Users of Reddit, have you ever used reddit to doxx another person? What if this were your account ?

People of Reddit who have used birth control all along the way, when did you find out that you could not take the pill anymore and what was the reason?

[Serious] Liberals of Reddit, what

If you could see the world

What is one thing we can all agree on?

When has comedy outruned drama?

What was your most unexpected interaction on Reddit that made you smile?

People who vote for Trump in 2020, why?

What’s your crazy story about how you found out you were a child actor and won an Oscar?

Etymology [ edit ]

What was a great movie that sucked you in?

How do you think the world would change if everyone went back to the time of their birth and had the same opinions?