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Those who have actually been kidnapped, what happened?

For the people who say No, why?

How old were you when you had your first boner?

If someone lost their virginity, what should the poster child be given a trophy for?

What to do to improve your odds of survival?

Death row inmates of reddit, what was the last thing you wanted but were denied?

Hey reddit users who get so many down

Men of Reddit: what's your penis story?

To all the "not gay" redditors who are STILL voting for Trump

What books should every person at least read to at least some point in their life?

What video game made you the best in the world at a game?

Sugar daddy syndrome: what happens when your sweetie makes all this money but still can't have sex with you?

Millions of people took to the streets last night to protest against police brutality. What are you going to do next?

Have you ever regretted a decision you made years earlier? If so, what changed your mind?

What is one book that makes you think about your country a lot?

If Obama wins re-election and puts a law in place that requires candidates to submit to a medical examination, would you vote for him again? Why or why not?

What would happen to New Zealand if Maori and Pacific Islanders were divided up into tribes?

People who had heard the drill, what was the ultimate tantrum like experience?

What are some movies that when you watch again it makes you smile every time?

Lawyers of Reddit, what's something other lawyers should know about “the other side of the bar'?”

Rick Ross co-hosts Rick Astley's livestream of 'world domination'

What would this post be about?

People with penises, how much does it feel like having a penis?

People who leave incriminating evidence behind when arresting

What’s it like to relax in bed after a hard day of reporting?