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How would you feel about someone with no life and is immortal?

You need to find the greatest of single moms who/have they been?

How do you celebrate a wedding anniversary?

If people still shunned and avoided me despite the fact that I am openly hostile and dishonest about my life choices, how long will it be until they start coming back?

Do you sleep naked with whom?

[Serious] Redditors who like Donald Trump for president, why?

How do you guys feel about Mike Bloomberg getting tested for lung cancer?

What’s the story behind your favourite movie?

How do you feel about Westboro Baptist Church?

Hazel, why did you choose to be dead?

I’m 24 and want to give my parents an update on my Reddit post. What should i do?

What's something you don't understand about your gender or gender population?

What is something that everyone likes but you hate?

Men of Reddit, what’s something important you think women should

What are signs that a girlfriend is testing the waters" and leaves her man?

If 1,000 people were drafted to protect a museum against an entire outbreak, what vulnerabilities do you think the guards will uncover?

What was the most pointless thing you ever played?

People of Reddit that were as dumb as me, what would you do?

Those who play with your mind, what is something you saw a younger you do that still makes you cringe to this day?

What are your thoughts on white people plucking skin?

What would a world without laws

What are some good first-world countries to visit if one is a Brit?

What's a fantasy you've had which turned out to be fake?

What is the most unnecessary item you have ever bought?

What is the most tasteless joke you ever heard