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If you would have a chance to have sex with any fictional character (original or changed) who would it be?

Is there a law against ...

Hey Reddit, what was that one embarrassing thing that turned out to be true?

Admins of Reddit, did you ever have a run in with a shark? If so, how did it go?

You are now a Marshal. Your job is to remove one wanted poster from every quadrant of the city. What would you do?

People with fake dna and heptapheres and are in fact archenemies. What's your relationship with them like?

Is it offensive to say the N word in a classroom?

Parents, what is the most fucked up moment your child has shown you the door because you were a misogynist?

What’s your go-to “safe space”?

Your username is now the only thing you can say during sex and also when ordering from a fast food chain. How Will your WoW 2.0 affect your WoW?

What are your thoughts on Kotaku in Action?

If it's okay to identify as the opposite sex, how would you feel about allowing others to do the same?

What 2 things are very important to you and your friends?

What are you good, outside the home made, alternatives to reddit?

How do you guys feel about the people that don't get enough attention in life?

Pets of reddit, have you ever had a "thing" you wanted to keep secret, and what was it?

What other surprising things did you find out about your childhood friends?

What is the strangest thing that you’ve witnessed in your life?

Gamers of reddit, what game are you nostalgic for but don’t have a fondness for ?

How do you feel about the fact that you are now the butt of a joke?

What can one-hit-wonder songs do for your heart?

What do you think about being called a cretin?

People who were on show like supernanny, worlds strictest parents, or Scared Straight, what was it like?

What can a T-Shirt with "The Donald" on it cost?

We all know about Twitter, what is the most hated website in your country?