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If you could instantly have control of one species of animal, what would it be and why?

It's 2019. Having won the election in a landslide, Joe Biden is inaugurated as the 46th POTUS. Donald Trump has decried the election results as a "Democrat hoax", declared the election invalid, and refused to vacate the White House. What happens next, Reddit?

What was the most badass thing a school principal did to you?

What would be the WORST possible response from a genie to a naughty child?

Which animal sounds like a dream come true but is actually an asshole?

People who separate their sex life from their relationship, why?

People with and's in their family, what's your opinion on Andi Dorfman/Sonja Tolliver’s parenting style?

What is your opinion on the fact that Reddit doesn't allow for free speech even though it has the largest amount of users?

What would be a new and never seen movie plot twist that would completely fuck this up?

Would you date a sex worker? Would you even consider it?

[Serious] When have you been the most screwed up kid in your life?

Your Reddit Username Is Now Your Twitter Name. What's Your New Reddit Name?

What do you think about JK Rowling's 'Harry Potter' series?

People who have gotten a post on the front page because someone upvoted it, how the f*ck did you do it?

The Case Against Trump is so overwhelming that it becomes almost comical.

Would you still, in 5 minutes, give an amazing,

Translators of Reddit, what are some tropes and story ideas that you had to

Doctors of Reddit, have you ever seen

What would Reddit look like

What are some things that are normal in your life but not in other people?

[Serious] What are some good ways to be productive with nothing but an internet and a computer?

you're lying in a snow bank, the bank tell you that its empty because there is no one left to open the door, how do you get out?

Autopsy doctors of Reddit, what's the most fascinating thing you've seen from the inside of a person's head?

Why do most redditors hate Dr.J?

Why is playing Fortnite so much better than the original Skyrim?