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The great American experiment: what if someone doesn't like it?

Hey everybody, this is Denis Heigl talking about "The Office." What is the Office?

How do you guys feel about Aurora and her slow motion massacre and how could Colorado wait another week to celebrate?

What’s your favorite science fiction movie and book?

To what level are you willing to go to be successful in life?

There is a well known saying that goes "Always swim early." What is your view on this quote?

Dear Japanese, do you have a unique story about your childhood? If so, how do you think it will play out for future generations?

Why do so many redditors defend Trump as though he is a human being?

Pansexuals of reddit, what do pans do that is cute but its not sexual ?

Then there was this other dude, and he was a total weirdo.

If someone was

What’s something people think is funny but actually isn't?

if someone was going to ‘borrow’ your body for 5 seconds and then put you back into the bank machine (like a coin), what would they need to know about your current condition (be it physical, mental, social, etc.)?

We've all heard the saying "When there's a hurricane in your driveway, the whole neighbourhood is like a war zone." Well, what's the war like in your house?

What is the best muscle-up song ?

I'm an Atheist, and the Earth should be flat. Why should we stop attacking each other?

What are some kinds of movies you loved as a kid but don't want to go again?

What do you guys think is the scariest thought in your mind when you look at the earth above you?

[SERIOUS] What is a “weirdo” moment in your life that you didn't realize was actually a compliment until later?

Does anyone else think that the constant negative attention Trump receives is starting to piss him off?

Your username is now a business. What is your business’s current business model?

What are you selling that isn't really as cool as you think?

People of reddit with boobs, what does a natural?

What's the most fucked up thing a crush did you?

What are some great subreddits you can troll in?