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What “I’m back” moment did you get ?

If you were forced to write a story based on someone's life, who would it be?

If you had a glitch that let you

Those of us who lived in third-world countries, what was the biggest shock for us?

What is something positive Rob Thomas has done?

Females of Reddit, what are your opinions on cleavage?

Cops of Reddit, what was your reaction to video games like Grand Theft Auto and how much harder is it now that you can actually buy guns and use them in a criminal way?

What would 5 year old you know today think of you?

Possibly involving running, swimming or any other form of physical exertion: how well do you think you will do in this challenge?

You are about to be pulled teeth out of a 10 year old's jaw and are about to have your balls sucked by a college student's penis. What do you do?

What hobby has been pretty much a lifelong obsession for you?

What’s something that instantly becomes more relatable if you

[Serious] Conservatives of Reddit, what's your opinion on Trump's proposed border wall?

Have you ever been in a Car? How did the Driver/Chase exception to the 4x speed limit work for you

[Serious] Liberals who voted for Trump in 2016 but will be voting for him in November, what made you change your mind?

If math was a game what are some maths achievements?

Hey all, how is everyone's year going so far?

Law enforcement officers of Reddit: how do you feel about 9/11, and the reaction to it?

Redditors of Reddit who have read the TOS, what are the most alarming terms we have come across?

Your chance to change the world is gone, but you still have one last chance to save humanity by saving the one and only Sarah Connor from becoming the next Adam and Eve. How do you prepare for this last chance?

Redditors who enjoy content but don’t upvote, why?

How would your parents celebrate Christmas right now if they knew you secretly made homemade copycat frosting to celebrate

What would be the dumbest question you've ever asked someone?

Reddit, you're cheating on your boyfriend with your brother. What option do you take?

[Serious] Do you like Donald Trump and your politics? If so why?