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Redditors who've told their parents you were gay, explain why?

The 4.7% inflation target is getting increasingly difficult to meet each month. What’s the government doing to keep the economy stimulated and prices down?


What is a quality that is rare or not very much in your life?

People of Reddit that oppose Trump and do not believe government should be making any money by taxing people on income, why?

What's the biggest screwup you have ever seen from a customer?

What's the most wholesome thing an American has done?

Which of you are still awake from the first night of school, go back and sleep that night so we

What if Disney Infinity became real and you had to fight an array of muscle men including Donald Trump, Ben 10, Ironman, Captain America, Hulk, etc. Who would you

Teachers of Reddit, what was the dumbest thing a child has said during lesson 1-4?

What are the most badass things you've ever done?

I was a makeup artist in high school. One day, I was asked to do a make-up for a wealthy family who wanted a quick make-up, and couldn't wait any longer. What was the product they used?

Are there any serious issues of importance to the LGBT community? If so, what are they?

What's a non English TV series that most people should at least know about?

In medieval times, you get locked in a room for 24 hours with the King. The room is pitch black and you must sing a 12 song epic rock opera. Who would it be?

Girls of Reddit: What Size Is Smallest...And How Does One Go About Losing Them Both?

Cops of Reddit, have you ever faced a Tea Party member with a gun? What was the outcome?

If, hypothetically, the gods came into being as a joke but then granted us our right to ‘believe in bullshit’ what would be the funniest scenario ‘a hoax from start to finish’?

people with larger-than-average amounts of

What’s the coolest novelty yo u have tried ?

What do you do when you feel like your friends aren't enough anymore?

What’s something that you did/have done as a child that still makes you cringe?

Hey Reddit, what’s one stupidest name you can come up with and stick in a song ?

(Only Wrong Answers) People of Reddit who have made it this far: What's your story?

what would you do if you were dating an autistic person?