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How do you guys find motivation to do something everyday so that you can achieve your goal of quitting in the next 24 hours?

That explosion in your room one day was nothing compared to what you've experienced in the next 24 hours. What exactly are you going to do?

What can you say as a mortician and also during sex?

What's the most ridiculous thing a teacher has ever said?

What's your weirdest fear that most people have?

People of Reddit, what's the dumbest thing your friend has said?

As a man, when did I get the "you're such a boy" part?

Folks who participate in /r/askreddit question, what's your best excuse?

When was the last time you actually needed a doctor?

As a person with a learning disability, what are some things I need the most help with?

What is the best place or places to meet other people of the same gender, opposite sex, or different races?

What was a small thing that made a huge difference to your life?

What would be the WORST possible solution to the energy crisis?

Redditors who separated/divorced within one year of getting married: When did you know it was a mistake?

Who is a famous person that you wish had a sex tape available?

Why did you choose this day to start the Quarantine?

Girls of Reddit, what are you secretly hoping for?

What's your greatest fuck-up you've ever seen someone do to you?

What is something you had as a child that you couldn’t believe until you got older?

What did you do that made someone actually believe in you?

Should white supremacy be abolished entirely, why or why not?

People who don't like frogs but will eat them anyway, why?

The last thing you Googled is cum. How is that supposed to turn you on?

Redditors who like Trump so much, why?

How do you wear your ears?