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What was a moment where you felt like you got shafted or something?

Who was your childhood hero and why?

What is the best way to introduce a child to science?

[serious] Transgender people of Reddit, what things can cis people do to make your lives easier?

What's the most interesting non-sexual thing you have ever photographed?

Forgive my lack of delicacy, but why do white people so often fail to display a sociological imagination, mistake emotions for thought, and fail to see the world through the same lens even when confronted with similar situations?

What can you say during sex but can also say in a maternity ward?

What is your favorite novel that you've ever read?

You unscrew the TV from the floor and it's a right beside you. How would you interpret it, to you?

What positive effects (if any) has Reddit had on your life?

What are the most creative online hide-and-seek games you have ever played?

In honor of Davis fucking Terrell, what was the best day you've ever had?

Porn Actors of Reddit, have you ever been attracted to fetishes or just generally loners? If so, how did your experience of them affect your role in pornography?

What is the best job/industry to work in?

Just watched "Narcos"? What’s the best thing about "Breaking Bad" that people still talk about today?

"If all your prayers, magic, ect. were answered, what problem would your world be right now?"

Babysitters of Reddit, what is

What’s one time you felt like the hardest working person in the world but you also had a superpower?

Why do some redditors defend Donald Trumps character and not Joe Rogan?

If people still beat their dogs, what benefits would a dog owner get from owning one?

What's something that is becoming increasingly clear to you as you get older?

Your reddit username is what you have sex with first. What is it?

Americans of reddit - why are you so vehemently anti-gun?

How do people become liberals?