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What's the most need as a community to help these guys ?

What is the most epic fail in human interaction which would be the greatest achievement if you ever pulled it off?

Am I the only one sick of the preachy, half-baked, confuzing PR stunts being performed by most of reddit?

At what job would you normally work non-stop for 24/7/365?

If you worked at a fast food chain for more than two years, what was the weird thing you did that employees didn't know about?

Dear Ivanka Trump fans: How has your childhood influenced your thinking about your father?

What's one memory from your childhood that makes you want to punch a wall?

How do you feel about gay marchers in pride parades?

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann downplayed the magnitude of the events that unfolded at a Donald Trump rally in San Jose on Saturday, claiming he hadn't seen anything. He said that while it was "unfortunate," it was "nothing compared to what's about to happen in the White House."

What is the funniest story about how you lost your temper in a fight and ended up getting attacked by a demon

What is a lesson your parents taught you as a kid that you still remember?

What is your sex (male, female, non binary etc)?

What is something good Donald Trump has done?

If your life was a musical

What are your most cringe "jokes" or weird anecdotes about the homeless?

Have you ever been “romantically” involved with a "friend" ( father, brother, etc.) ? if so how was the experience?

How can you convince someone that a stain on your clothes is not ejaculate?

9. What's something you made up about yourself that sounded totally believable but was completely untrue?

What was the best way you or someone you know has overcome life-altering circumstances?

What was the best alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage ever?

what is something small that makes your day a lot better?

Your first encounter with stardom has never been better.

Why would one want to live in a utopia?

How would you feel about a no memes day?

People who type "man" into Google, what do